Dr. Esteban León


Forest Alive Naturalist Team 

Esteban León grew up playing saxophone, basketball and directing the dark room of the Humboldt School where he graduated with Andres Alvarado and became his adventure partner where they did numerous outdoor expeditions.


Esteban and Andrés became canopy access experts providing scientist and nature documentary film makers possibilities of reaching the " high frontier".

Climbing Giant Tropical Trees  and high mountain peaks, mountain biking, trekking and taking nature photography became a passion.


Being a mathematical and engineering genius, he graduates as Information Technologies Enginner in the "Universidad de Costa Rica". Afterwards Esteban gets a scholarship to get his PhD in Artificial Intelligence in the D.F.K.I. in Saarbrucken, Germany, where he creates an intelligent software to manage iron factories around the world and comes back with wife and 2 kids.


Esteban know gives consultancy in the computer science field and spends the rest of his time guiding expeditions in the forest.

Esteban's Photos

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