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Orlando Calvo (Fish)

Born in San José, Orlando grew his love for nature inspired by his family who cultivated a great passion for Biodiversity.


Fish, how most of his friends call him, went to a Bilingual school (English & Spanish) in the Central Valley, where sharing with different cultures  was very engaging to his curiosity for the world.


His passion to learn, led Orlando to study and work in many fields of biology, art and music as his central point.

After studying some biology and art semesters in College, Orlando graduated in Forestry and Wildlife Management.


He decided to move to Monteverde searching for a deeper contact with nature and to get a more profound understanding of the natural world.


Orlando alternates his work as a naturalist guide with various community projects in Monteverde since 2003.

He delveloped community eco-orchards and gardens, designed & created wildlife corridors, composting gardens, expositions of costarrican art and hand-craft desings and he was the producer of the first Art, Nature and Sostenability Festival of Monteverde (Monteverde Eco-Fest)


Currently, he is the supervisor for internships for the CIEE international study abroad program and guides Natural History Tours in the different Forests and eco-farms locally.


Some of his passions and hobbies include photography, art painting, gardening, mountain biking, surfing, snorkeling as well as playing and mixing music.


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Orlando Calvo
Orlando Calvo

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