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Robert Wesson


Robert Wesson is an innate artist. He discovered his passion for observing and painting nature when he was 8 years old.

A sunset that was imprinted, both in the canvas and in his heart. 


The quality of the work showed young Roberto's talent and encouraged him to pursuit his career as a naturalist and an artist.


His remarkable way of capturing the biodiversity, forest lighting, action and the mystical feeling of nature and represented with an impecable merge of techniques and subjects that even caught Shohiro Toyoda,

Chairman of the TOYOTA Company`s attention, who invited him to the AICHI Science and Environmental Expo in Japan, representing Costa Rica Rainforest-Nature´s inmersed art.

 He held his favorite exhibition and one of his master pieces was purchased by Mr. Toyoda himself. 


Currently living deep inside the Cloud Forest of Monteverde, Robert opens his Studio & Gallery where he welcomes visitors from all over the world to attend his Art Workshops with an infusion of Cloud Forest Mystic to connect with the natural world through Art!


Robert's Photos

Arte Jaguar Gallery - Robert´s Art

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