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Forest Alive Lectures


Panama and Nicaragua Tours


Learn about the Cloud forest in a private natural history interpretation. A walk through the forest through the eyes of an expert naturalist...

Monteverde Reserve

Hanging Bridges - Cloud forest

Cloud forest canopy natural history tour. Look at the forest from monkey point of view! Take a close look at all levels of the forest: ground, understory, canopy and above. Learn about the last frontier off human research in land...

Night Tour - Private

A private walk through the forest at night gives you the best chance to observe nocturnal forest animals experience the forest sounds and moods unique to this time. Most animals are nocturnal!

Birwatching - Private

Birdwatching specialized private tours.

Packages that cover the various avian ecosystems of Monteverde and adjacent areas!

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Private Guide through Costa Rica
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Cruise Ship Expedition
Panama Canal w/ Naturalists

Andrés Alvarado (Andy)

Quetzal Tours

Senior Naturalist and Photographer

Founder of Forest Alive Expeditions

Looking for the elusive Quetzal?

We track them daily and adjust the tour to where we have higher chances to see the most beautiful bird in the world! 

Photography Tours and Workshops

Whant to take pictures possibly of your nature experience?

Whant to learn tips or share spots with a proffessional?

Taylored for the beginner, enthusiast and proffesional photographer alike!