What is the Forest Alive Naturalist Club

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Everybody can be a naturalist! You just have to care and love nature to be one!
Be part of our community and connect to people who also love nature like you!
This is a window to peak and learn about the things we may see in the forest but are so unique that we have to share this with our community.
Get access to pictures, videos and stories that happen in the Tropical Forests of Costa Rica and shared by scientists, professional nature guides and naturalists.
We are group of people, passionate about the natural history of Costa Rica`s tropical forests.

How to become a member of the

 Forest Alive Naturalist Club ?

There are 3 ways to become a member of the Forest Alive Naturalist Club:
1. By booking a tour through our us at Forest Alive and get a free lifetime membership!.
2. By purchasing a lifetime membership for US $35
3. Apply for a free sponsored membership for people who really love nature and want to become part of our club but cannort afford it!
(Restrictions apply)
Contact us for more information about the 

Forest Alive Naturalist Club

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