Our Services at Forest Alive 


Naturalist guided interpreted walks in
all Reserves of Monteverde and adjacent areas
Natural History Walks
Night Walks
Birdwatching Tours
Photography Workshops
Nature Lectures
We advice and book the best activities in Monteverde from
our selected 3rd party providers with our full office support
at the same price as if booked directly.
Canopy Tours / Ziplines, Tarzan Swings
Coffee, Chocolate and Sugar Cane Tours
Horseback Riding
Mountain Biking
Bungee Jumping


Local Naturalist private and group tours in Nature Reserves and National Parks.
A private guide in your entire visit through Costa Rica
Private Driver/Guide and billingual drivers for entire country
Costa Rica Packages
Family Packages
Birding Expeditions
Trekking Expeditions
Photography Expeditions
Birding Expeditions