About us:

Our Philosophy

The best way to experience nature is to get on the other side of the tv screen and become part of the documentary ourselves!

Our Passion

To learn and to share our insight of Tropical Forests and help create an awareness of the importance of their conservation.

Our Vision

We want people to explore the different Ecosystems of Costa Rica and learn about how they are so dfferent eventhough they are so close to one other.

We want our guests to see and learn about unique plants and animals found in each forest.

Andrés Alvarado (Andy)

Nature Photographer

Senior Naturalist and founder of Forest Alive Nature Expeditions.
Guides and organizes expeditions and tours in Tropical Forests in Costa Rica  since 1994.

Passionate for Nature

Naturalist Team

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Natural History Tours

...with a guide of the Forest Alive Naturalist Team

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Natural History 

"Natural history is the scientific research of plants or animals, leaning more towards observational rather than experimental methods of study..."