Video Gallery Forest Alive
Some Wildlife moments captured by experts, amteurs, visitors and naturalists

We would like to share some of our favorite videos of the flora and fauna that inhabits our area. Some of this are one time moments that do not happen easily to be picked up by a camera.

Some videos are produced by our naturalist team, visitors, professional, amateur or beginners as well as some borrowed from posts in the web by other enthusiasts and professionals who share to the public.

Night Walk in Monteverde

Featuring Andres Alvarado

by Repretel Canal 11 (National TV Channel)

Long-tailed Manakin

Vocalizations and Lek.

In a lek this mbirds gather aroungd a vine where males will perform a group dance in a Cartwheel Style

Red-capped Manakin

Moonwalk Dancer!

Three-wattled Bell bird

Loudest bird in the world! Sings up to 2000 times in a day and can be heard 2 kms away!