Monteverde Birding

Our Birding Tours


Early Bird Tour (EBT)


In this tour we birdwatch around roadsides, gardens and forest edges. Cover from pacific mid/elevation species to some higher elevational species.


Reserve Birding Afternoon

   (afternoon add on for our EBT or sold seperatley)


Birdwatching in a specific Reserve for their specialist local species and altitudinal migrants.


Quetzal Tour Afternoon


Came to see and learn about the Resplendant Quetzals? We follow their altitudinal migratory patterns to choose the right spot to find them.


Private Birding 1/2 Day


Get a private guide for your party and choose one Reserve to explore after starting on strategic roadsides, gardens and forest edges.


Birding Expeditions through   Costa Rica

Contact us for our Multiday Packages through Costa Rica with a Birding Guide Specialist